Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley scored a great deal while planning to record his new album Space Invader - a fan offered him the use of his studio in remote California a cut-price rate.

The rocker was hoping to complete his latest release on a budget and feared studio costs would spiral out of control and lead to him having to rush the project, but a mega-fan came to his rescue.

Frehley tells Wenn, "My studio in Westchester burned down and I was looking for somewhere special, and I have a very dear friend, Matt Swanson, who lives in Turlock, California and he's a real big businessman in Turlock and he owns stores and acres and acres of crops and he's a huge fan and we met about five years ago. Leading up to the recording process he told me, 'I've got my own recording studio up in Turlock, you've got to come and check it out...' so I took him up on it and I loved the studio. He gave me an incredible deal.

"Before that, I didn't even know where Turlock was - it's in the middle of nowhere, farming community. It was ideal for me because I have Attention Deficit Disorder from all the years of drink and drugs, so working in a studio where there's not a lot of traffic, in a town where there's not much going on and there's no nightlife, I found that very appealing.

"I'd record for eight or 10 or 12 hours, then you go back to the hotel and go to sleep. You wake up and go back to the studio. There's nothing else to do there, which means it's the perfect place for me to record."