Kirstie Alley wants to find a man who will live on a farm with her.

The 'Look Who's Talking' actress has revealed via Twitter that she's keen to find a companion who will help her to embrace farm life.

In a series of messages on the micro-blogging platform, Kirstie wrote: ''Searching for that small rural ''farm'' the search continues I'm learning more about this country and myself. (sic)''

Kirstie later added: ''It's difficult finding a new home base. Weirdly just when I find the perfect little farm I realize I know no one within hundreds of miles

''I'm friendly but can't say I'm good at making new friends...because I watch too much Dateline & 2020 (sic)''

She subsequently said: ''I'm possibly doing this backwards. I either need to find a husband or a really handsome roommate so that I am not afraid out on the farm. But then again that could be a grave error and I could end up on dateline or 2020. Life is gotten so complicated (sic)''

The former 'Cheers' actress previously revealed that she wanted to become the mayor of a town, and felt she has what it takes to go into politics because she's good at ''waving and riding in convertibles''.

Kirstie said: ''I might be able to be a politician but I have no desire to be a politician. Although, you know, I might like to be a mayor of someplace sometime or the honorary mayor I think I'd be a good mayor in some little town.

''I'm good at waving I'm good at riding in convertibles and I'm good at rallying the people up in the town so maybe I will be mayor at some point. (sic)''