Kirstie Alley has slammed the new set of Inclusion Standards for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

The Oscars have come up with a number of new requirements ''to encourage equitable representation on and off screen in order to better reflect the diversity of the movie-going audience.''

But the 69-year-old actress thinks the new rules are a ''disgrace'' as filmmakers are losing control over their own creativity.

She wrote on Twitter: ''This is a disgrace to artists everywhere... Can you imagine telling Picasso what had to be in his f****** paintings.

''You people have lost your minds. Control artists, control individual thought .. OSCAR ORWELL. (sic)''

The movies will have to tick at least two of four representation boxes, which have a number of subcategories.

To be eligible to win the prestigious accolade, the films must have employed a set number of actors, production members, marketing staff and interns who are women, people of colour, disabled or are among the LGBTQ+ community.

The storyline will also need to be diverse, and the motion picture needs to have offered traineeships or apprenticeships - be it on screen or behind the camera - to people from different backgrounds.

Although the new rules won't come into effect until 2024, an Academy Inclusion Standards form will be required in order to be considered for the 2022 ceremony and the 2023 ceremony.

The 2021 ceremony, which is due to be held on April 25, will not be included.

However, the 'Look Who's Talking' star believes the rules are ''dictatorial''.

She added: ''I've been in the motion picture Academy for 40 years. The Academy celebrates freedom of UNBRIDLED artistry expressed through movies.

''The new RULES to qualify for ''best picture'' are dictatorial .. anti-artist..Hollywood you're swinging so far left you're bumping into your own ass (sic)''