Kirstie Alley refuses to have Botox.

The former 'Cheers' star claims she hasn't had any surgery, and would never have face fillers because she doesn't know what the long-term effects could be.

She told US radio host Howard Stern: ''I don't do Botox because don't you just think in the next 15 years, there's gonna be a discovery that injecting botulism could have an effect?

''You don't know what it is. And you don't know what it's gonna do to you, or where it's gonna migrate.''

While she's never been under the knife herself, she admits to being tempted, adding: ''I don't have any surgery. I don't think you should be filling your face. I've debated ... For 30 years!''

Kirstie, 62, added she has been advised to have surgery many times, even from the very beginning of her career.

She said: ''The first job I had, for 'Star Trek', the cinematographer said, 'You might want to do something about your eyes, because they're a little bulgy. They're a little baggy underneath.'

''And then over the years, I started looking at children. Children's eyes are always sort of baggy ... They have the bags under here.

''So I just started thinking. I'm gonna look at what youth looks like. And most of what youth looks like is happy! People are happy, and they have energy and they can move.''