Kirstie Alley admires Jessica Simpson.

The 59-year-old star believes the singer-and-actress - who recently made a documentary series, 'The Price of Beauty' to show the lengths women will go to improve their appearance - is strong enough to copy with all the criticisms he has received over her fluctuating weight.

Kirstie - who has seen her own weight rise and fall dramatically - said: "I haven't seen 'The Price of Beauty', but I love her. She's funny, and she can take the punches. She's smart."

The 'Cheers' actress managed to lose 70lbs and in 2006 wore a bikini on TV to show off her new body.

However, she has since managed to regain most of the lost weight and admits it will be a challenge to shift it again.

She said: "I want to weigh 140lbs so that means I have to lose 90lbs. Funny how the dark, undeniable truth hits like a hammer when you see a number on a scale.

"The truth hurts, but knocking off 90lbs is gonna hurt a hell of a lot more. I can't believe I f***ing got f***ing fat again. I spent my whole life thin. I curbed my appetite, but then quit smoking, then quit cocaine and ate tons and tons of food. And then I lost all that weight and loved it and had it off for two years. It comes on a lot faster than I get it off."