The Look Who's Talking star, who has shed 50 pounds (22.7 kilogram) as a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig diet firm, has never been one to bare all onscreen, so she is baffled by sudden approaches to disrobe on camera.

"For some reason, I lost all this weight, I lost 50 pounds, and this year I've been offered three roles, nude - I'm not kidding...," she tells U.S. breakfast show Today. "I didn't do nudity when I was 28, so why would I do nudity now? I think it's supposed to be a comedy bit."

Kirstie, who will turn 65 next week (12Jan16), recently shot a guest spot for actor Will Arnett's new Netflix comedy series Flaked, but confesses she ended up revealing more than she intended to in a topless hot tub scene - and she isn't planning to repeat her mistake ever again.

"I just did a Will Arnett thing, where I was sort of nude in the hot tub," she explains. "I said I wasn't gonna be, then the (nipple) pasties floated up and I was nude in a hot tub! So I think I don't want to do porn and nudity in 2016. That's my goal."