Veteran actor Kirk Douglas was overcome with emotion during a special screening of his movie Spartacus when members of the audience stood up and started shouting his most famous line in the film.
The 1960 epic was shown as part of The Last 70mm Film Festival in California on Monday (13Aug12) and the crowd at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills was treated to a special appearance by the movie's 95-year-old star.
When Douglas entered the cinema, members of the audience stood up, raised their fists and started shouting "I'm Spartacus" in reference to the actor's famous line in the film when other slaves stand in unity with the title character.
Douglas was left speechless by the reaction as he took to the stage for a question and answer session, according to film news website, which reports former Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences President Tom Sherak responded afterwards, "Did you see Douglas' face when we did that? Priceless."
Douglas went on to talk about his time making the movie, but didn't stay to watch the film, joking, "I've seen it. It's a good picture," before heading off to dinner with his son, Michael.