The actor Kirk Cameron has sparked outrage with his comments on same-sex marriage. In an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, the former Growing Pains star told Piers that he "doesn't support the idea" and that "it's unnatural, it's detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."
When asked if he would tell his children that gay marriage is a sin, the actor-turned evangelist answered "I would tell my children what I believe myself and, er. I believe that marriage was defined by God, a long time ago, marriage is almost as old as dirt and was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve, one man, one woman, for life." He then added "I would never attempt to redefine marriage and I don't think anyone else should either." Seven states in the Usa have legalized same sex marriage and campaigning continues to make it a federal issue, so that it would be legal across the country.