Kings Of Leon were due to headline Friday (June 7) night's slot at this years Governors Ball at Randall's Island, NYC, before the heavens opened and mother nature drenched the city with a buckets of rain for most of the day, forcing the band to pull out of their schedule open-air performance on the night.

Not wanting to let their fans down who had already been let down by the rain's ill-timing, the group managed to pull some strings and get a day-time performance organised, where they unveiled the name of their new album and a brand new song to go with it. The band had oganised a grand unveiling of the new track and the album title, and wanted to air a Jimmy Fallon-starring video during their performance to usher in the news, but alas the band had to wait until Saturday to reveal the news and the Jimmy Fallon video was aired on YouTube Friday night instead.

The album will be called Mechanical Bull and the track is set to be titled (quite fittingly given the circumstances) 'Supersoaker.' The band's drummer, Nathan Followill, told MTV News after the performance that the group were all "bummed" that the show couldn't go on and were determined to perform at some point during the weekend despite the logistical difficulties facing them. "We had this whole thing planned out, but it just wasn't meant to be. But as soon as we heard we weren't going to play, the wheels started in motion, and we were trying to figure out a way to get back there Saturday," Followill said, going on to add that the Fallon video would have aired before they went on stage, but had to make do with the conditions Mother Nature had provided.

Their performance was also due to feature an appearance form some of the families of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, as Followill describe; "We had brought in some of the families from Newtown, Connecticut, and got to hang out with them backstage, and our friend, Jonathan Waxman, who's a chef, he did a big meal for us, we were able to have some food with those people and hang out for a while," Followill said. "It was a wonderful thing, but heartbreaking at the same time, because three of the four band members, we have kids of our own now, so it was tough, them showing us pictures of their babies, and us showing them ours."

Kings of Leon EMAs
The group managed to perform on Saturday instead

Kings of Leon Late Show
The group's new album willbe out this year