Kings Of Leon just "go with the flow" with their music.

The 'Sex On Fire' hitmakers insist they have no special "formula" when making their hit records and instead just rely on what the "pulse of the band" feels like at the time.

Nathan Followill shared: "First of all, we’re lucky to still be doing this. Eight records in, that’s crazy. But it’s just literally what the pulse is of the band and of the guys.

"We definitely don’t have a Kings of Leon formula that we go into each record thinking like, 'Okay, as long as we achieve this, this and this, then we’re fine.' We just kind of go with the flow."

And Nathan revealed the coronavirus pandemic allowed them a chance to really perfect the tracks on their new album, 'When You See Yourself', and the inevitable delay, caused by the health crisis, gave them a chance to "live" with the record for a little bit first.

Asked when their new LP was recorded, he told "It would’ve been 2019, starting in the Spring of 2019. Don’t quote me on that – all the days blend together now that we don’t really leave the house. But we’ve sat on it for a year or so ... [The delay] gave us the chance to live with the record for a little while and see if there was anything we wanted to go back and change.

"Most of the time you record a record, then after you’ve played those songs 50, 60 times on tour you’re like, man I wish I would’ve changed this or changed that. So we had that opportunity and we were so pleased with the record that we did not go back and change anything."