Kings Of Leon are trying to be less rock 'n' roll.

The band learnt the perils of too many booze-fuelled shows the hard way when their 2011 tour was cancelled mid-run following a disastrous gig where frontman Caleb Followill rushed off stage to vomit and never returned.

Caleb and his fellow 'Molly's Chambers' hitmakers took some much-needed time off to reflect on their destructive lifestyle, and have since decided to cut back their partying.

The singer - who has since become a father to daughter Dixie Pearl with his wife Lily Aldridge - told the Metro newspaper: ''We were tired and we'd keep working. Finally, your body says, 'You're done'. It's great for your health and your brain to stop being in a rock 'n' roll band for five minutes.''

Nathan Followill, the band's drummer, added: ''When you're young and cocky, older bands tell you, 'Take it easy, so you can have longevity'. And we were like, 'You're just jealous of our work ethic and cos we can tour so long and party so hard.' Eventually, we realised we should take stock.''

The rockers are back with their sixth album, 'Mechanical Bull', and wanted the emphasis to be all about the music and ignored the pressure of having to live up to the smash commercial success of 2008's 'Sex on Fire'.

Guitar player Matt Followill said: ''Making [last album] 'Come Around Sundown' was just not fun. We were in a tiny studio in New York, there was too much alcohol around all day - I'm just glad we made it back together.''

Bassist Jared Followill added: ''There was definitely an internal struggle - you couldn't even say 'radio airplay' without Caleb getting angry. We'd been called sell-outs after 'Sex On Fire'. He didn't want people to think that was all we'd tried to do.''