King of Leon are apparently tired of playing their hit song 'Sex on Fire' during their live shows, so much so that they often consider dropping the hit single from their live sets. Frontman Caleb Followill recently revealed that he and the rest of the bad are finding the prospect of playing their most successful song over and over again very tedious, as they have found that their fans aren't nearly as responsive to the less well-known songs from their back catalogue.

Kings of Leon
The band are apparently tired of their biggest hit.

Followill was speaking with Shortlist magazine when he ask asked whether he would ever consider dropping 'Sex on Fire' from the band's live sets, to which he responded with a relatively affirmative reply. He said, "I would say two years back it was definitely a thing where we'd play some of our deeper-cut songs – all sorts of rarities – and people would all go get a beer or take a piss. Then 'Sex On Fire' would happen and we were just like, 'Aargh!' I've come to terms with it. Playing that song, it's like a pat on the back to think we created it. No matter where we go it always gets that reaction."

Caleb Followill
Caleb Followill isn't as big a fan of 'Sex on Fire' as everyone else seems to be.

Caleb isn't the only band member that is getting tired of the song either, as drummer Nathan Followill was equally as disenfranchised with the band's fanbase and their limited appreciation of their other tracks. He added, "Plus, it's fun to watch the ants marching back from the bathroom. I mean, as soon as that song is over you see people just bee-lining for the exits. And it's like, 'OK. You just paid £40 for one song, that's fine."

The band will be on the road again soon, supporting their upcoming album Mechanical Bull, which is set to be released on September 24. Whether or not they'll play 'Sex on Fire' during these shows remains to be seen.

Nathan Followill
Nathan Followill isn't a fan either.