Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill has warned his fellow musicians not to mess with him, because he knows how to get them so drunk, they make a fool of themselves before thousands.

The singer recalls a vengeful moment on the 2003 Lollapalooza tour when another, unidentified act was mean to Followill and his then-unknown bandmates.

He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "They were really cocky towards us. Everything they would say was very backhanded, and they were always bragging about their success.

"We got fed up, so we invited their guitar player on our bus, knowing that he had to go on stage in about a half hour. I was like, 'Hey man, let me pour you a drink'. He drank it, and I was like, 'One more for the road'. And I overdosed him once again.

"He barely got through the set - it was an awful night for the guy. Now looking back, part of me feels bad, but we won that battle. You be a d**k and I'm gonna embarrass you in front of a lot of of people! I don't think they're still a band now, but if I ever see him (guitarist), I don't think he'll be saying anything to me."