Review of Battleships & Aeroplanes Album by King Of Spain

Review of King Of Spain's album 'Battleships & Aeroplanes' released on 6th April 09 through Shifty Disco.

King Of Spain Battleships & Aeroplanes Album

This is the debut album from the London-based indie four piece released on Oxford label Shifty Disco. King Of Spain move between tinkling, jangly acoustic indie and a much more grungy guitar based sound, all with a little undertone if folk/country, so the album is diverse.

NY kicks it off; an upbeat bouncy, jangly track with a catchy hook and a good start to the album. Despite the melodic upbeat music, the lyrics have a deceptive underlying darkness 'I can see the blood stains on his hands' Pike sings in Flying Machine, which has a definite melancholy to it. Hit The Hay, a more acoustic track is a lovely slow and melodic song where the vocals really come through. It is then followed by Soup Of The Day, a stand out track for me, with stronger vocals and a relentless grungy guitar and Em Song is another example of great grungy indie music.

The main problem is that the majority of the album is heavy with forced, cheesy rhyming lyrics that don't let you take the music seriously. Bacon, which has been played on BBC 6 Music is a prime example of this. Although it's very listenable, it doesn't make any huge impressions and doesn't bring anything new to the music world.

Rating: 6/10

Robyn Burrows

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