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Is 'Pacific Rim 2' Really A Good Idea?

With a slew of epic monster movies hitting cinema screens in recent years it seems there is a genuine renaissance in the sub-genre of disaster movie that bestowed upon the world the likes of Godzilla...

Guy Garvey To Write Music For King Kong Musical

Elbow frontman Guy Garvey is heading to New York to write the music for a new King Kong stage show.The British rocker has been hired to help create a new Broadway musical based on the...

Andy Serkis Defends Apes Role

Andy Serkis has defended his decision to play another motion-capture primate on the big screen, insisting his roles in King Kong and Planet Of The Apes are very different.The British actor has found fame with...

Streep: 'De Laurentiis Called Me A Pig'

Movie mogul DINO DE LAURENTIIS was so appalled when a young MERYL STREEP was brought in to audition for him for KING KONG - he called her a "pig". The moviemaker/producer, who eventually picked Jessica...

Jackson Starts Own Video Game Studio

LATEST: LORD OF THE RINGS director PETER JACKSON and his screen writing partner FRAN WALSH have started a new video game studio called Wingnut Interactive. The pair have signed a long-term deal with Microsoft to...

Black Admits Drug Rampage On King Kong Set

Hollywood actor JACK BLACK has confessed to partaking in an alcohol and drug-fuelled "rampage" while filming blockbuster KING KONG in New Zealand. Black, whose wife TANYA HADEN gave birth to the couple's first child in...

Jackson Sheds Weight

Director PETER JACKSON has lost a staggering 32 kilograms (five stone/70 pounds) in weight in just 10 months. THE LORD OF THE RINGS director stunned journalists at promotional interviews for his new movie KING...

King Kong Actor Andy Serkis Can Speak Gorilla

British actor ANDY SERKIS can speak 'gorilla' after learning about the animal in preparation for his lead role in the remake of classic monster movie KING KONG. London-born Serkis can also accompany the gorilla...

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April 2021 Favourites: We found 'Californian Soil' to be sublime, 'Introvert' extraordinary and 'Fight For You' a fitting Oscar winner

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