Review of Flick The Vs Album by King Creosote

Review of King Creosote's album Flick The Vs

King Creosote Flick The Vs Album

With songs about nosey neighbours, mental illness and small town homophobia, Fife-based folk artist Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote) decides to get a few things off his chest with this latest album on Domino.

Featuring his accentuated Scottish vocals wrenched with melancholy, frequent use of electronics, drums, guitars, percussion, keyboards, piano and a wealth of folk instruments such as: accordion, mandolin, harmonium and hammered dulcimer, Flick The Vs is a very eclectic offering. The album is unsurprisingly downbeat, but this outlook is offset by a sense of playfulness and the fiery attitude portrayed in some of the lyrics (and album title, of course).

Highlights include the pop-tastic opener 'No One Had It Better', the wild electronic sadness of 'Two Frocks At A Wedding' and the massive brooding orchestral sound of closer 'Saw Circular Prowess'. Undeniably, there are a couple of fillers, but overall King Creosote's Flick The Vs is a definite success story.

Colin Burrill

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