King Charles has sent the first telegrams of his reign to people celebrating 100th birthdays.

His cards differ from those sent by his late mother Queen Elizabeth as they show him looking relaxed and smiling alongside the Queen Consort – whereas his mum’s showed her alone.

Charles’ picture was taken in 2018 and is accompanied by a message to the centenarians signed ‘Charles R’ and ‘Camilla R’ – standing for Rex (King) and Regina (Queen.)

It says: “My wife and I are so pleased to know that you celebrated your one hundredth birthday.

“This brings our warmest congratulations and heartfelt good wishes on such a special occasion.”

Hundreds of people across the UK received Charles’ card, with Irene Lloyd, from Lymm, Cheshire, among them.

The former dairy farm worker toasted her 100th birthday on September 25 and told Mail Online: “I was really thrilled to receive a card from the new King and Queen. With the death of the late Queen, I thought people who were 100 at the time might have missed out, so it was a nice surprise to receive mine.”

Royal telegrams go to those marking 100th and 105th birthdays, then every one after that, with the photograph of the monarch on the card updated every five years.

Former veterans were also among those who celebrated their milestone 100th and 105th birthdays with a special card.

Ruth Park-Pearson, from Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, who turned 100 on Friday (21.10.22)

Charles’ cards are similar to those sent out by his grandfather King George VI, which also featured his wife Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother.

During the Queen’s 70-year reign, around 1.3 million cards were sent to mark birthdays and anniversaries across the UK, the Realms and the Overseas Territories.

They were not able to be delivered during the official mourning period after the monarch’s death on September 8 and her state funeral, and will be sent out over the coming weeks.

The tradition of sending royal messages on landmark birthdays and anniversaries dates back to 1917 during George V’s reign, when those celebrating their 100th birthday or 60th wedding anniversary were sent a good wishes telegram from the king.