Kimberly Stewart regrets getting an intimate tattoo.

The socialite - and the daughter of Rod Stewart - has admitted she wishes she hadn't got an inking near her ''vajayjay'' when she was younger.

Speaking of getting body art at a young age, she said: ''All my other friends were getting tattoos and I don't really know why that was the tattoo I decided to get but, for some reason, that's what I got.

''And I don't regret any of my tattoos - I just didn't want that one in that specific area any longer. The rest of them, they're significant of something. I have about five or six tattoos and they all represent a period in my life that I don't regret or anything, it just reminds me of that period.

''But that unfortunately is an area where I just didn't want it there anymore. We don't need that near the vajayjay anymore.''

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old star also opened up about refusing to let her three-year-old daughter Delilah appear on her new reality series 'Stewarts & Hamiltons'.

She told ''I am open to every part of my life, pretty much ... except my daughter is not on the show.

''And that was a decision that I made because I felt that she needs to grow up in a normal - or as normal as you can get in this town and in my family - and she should remain private and have her privacy. So that was my only boundary.''