Kimberley Walsh would like ''a few more children''.

The former Girls Aloud star is already planning on having more kids, just 10 months after she gave birth to her and her fiancé Justin Scott's first child, Bobby, so is making the most of her working life before she falls pregnant again.

She said: ''I don't need to work. I could easily just chill out for a while. But in this job, if you do that, time goes by and you might not get any work offered again.

''I'm making hay while the sun shines - that's the job I'm in and I have to do that because what's to say I'm ever going to get any work again? I'm planning to have a few more children and I wouldn't want to sacrifice the quality of life that I've managed to achieve now.''

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old musician and TV presenter realised after Bobby's birth how much she relies on Justin and believes she would have ''struggled'' without him around even though she's always been fiercely independent.

She explained to The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''I was so independent and Justin always says how he can never do anything for me because I know what I'm doing and don't need him for anything. But when Bobby was born, it was the first time that I really needed him. I would have really struggled without him.''