Kimberley Walsh has been broody since she was 15.

The 33-year-old star welcomed her first child with boyfriend Justin Scott, son Bobby, nine months ago and admits that although they waited until it was the right time for them, she's been desperate to have children for years.

She said: ''I've always been broody. I was broody when I was 15! I was lucky because I had nephews and I could enjoy looking after them then handing them back.''

The former Girls Aloud singer is glad she didn't have children when she was still in the band because she wouldn't have enjoyed juggling touring with motherhood.

She explained: ''For me it's the perfect time. I could have had them a lot earlier because I've been with Justin a long time, but I waited until now because I wanted to dedicate more time to bringing them up. If I'd been in the band I would have been letting people down to take time out, so I chose to do it when I could be the best mum I could be.''

Kim also confessed she ''definitely'' wants to add to her brood as she can't believe how much her life has changed since having her son.

She told Now magazine: ''I just can't imagine life without Bobby. Justin says that to me a lot - he's like, 'I don't know what we did when he wasn't here'. I've always been a family person - I come from a big family myself. My brothers, sisters and I spend a lot of time together and we're really close. It's nice that I've got Bobby and two nephews who all like to play together. So they've got each other and we just want to keep making the family bigger and bigger.''