One of the uglier stories that emerged out of Sunday night’s Oscars was about the thousands of Twitter users, commenting on Kim Novak’s appearance – her apparent plastic surgery to be exact. The barrage of tweets started during Novak’s time onstage, presenting the Best Animated Feature award to Frozen – an unfortunate combo, if ever there was one. Novak’s critics found the connection hilarious, so most of the tweets went something like: “Kim Novak saying "Frozen" made me laugh because it looks like her face is melting.” Yeah, not a very pleasant reaction.

Kim NovakDonald Trump
Donald Trump displayed a remarkable lack of self awareness when he tweeted about Novak.

Still, there might be hope for the world. After the first wave of trolling, some voices of reason started to chime. On Tuesday, two days after the Oscars, a Twitter search for Kim Novak yields completely different results. One of the top tweets today read: “I'm less horrified by what Kim Novak did to her face than I am by the society that grants women power based on a narrow beauty ideal.”

Now that deserves a slow clap. Even Donald Trump, who joined the chorus with the oh-so-original “Kim should sue her plastic surgeon!” got put in his place today – by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, no less. Seems right that BAAPS would have a vested interest. Today, the official Twitter for BAAPS tweeted: