Whenever a celebrity does anything remotely public these days, you can bet the snarky Twitter comments aren’t far behind. Case in point: Kim Novak’s presenting the Oscar for Best Animated feature last night. Of course a bunch of people had to make the highly original Frozen joke that’s still floating around Twitter ten hours later. Despite the fact that Novak has battled with mental illness and cancer and is still continuing her career despite those problems, the internet is a harsh and unforgiving place.

Kim Novak
Hopefully Novak hasn't checked Twitter this morning.

Tweets ranging from the simple “Kim Novak's face just won for 'Frozen” to the elaborately crafted “Kim Novak was just safely transported back to the Hollywood Wax Museum. #Oscars” The tweets are all referring to the fact that Novak has appears to have had some work done. Unfortunately, the category Novac was presenting meant that everyone had free reign to go for the most obvious joke possible. Didn't they learn anything from watching Ellen host? 

Kim Novak, Cannes Film Festival
Plastic surgery or not, there's no excuse for unoriginal humor on Oscars night.

But of course, it wasn’t all bad. There were a fair few social media natives, defending the 81-year-old actress (at 81, most people don’t tend to look like Jennifer Lawrence anyway.) Some pointed out how unpleasant the jokes sounded in context: “Kim Novak deserves our respect & did just fine. Her co presenter was the gentleman she deserves.” Others pointed out the obvious: