Three days after announcing the arrival of their first son, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West revealed yesterday that they have named the little bundle of joy- Saint West. Posting on her website, Kim simply wrote ‘Saint West, 12.05.15, 8 pounds 1 ounce’, along with four emojis depicting mother, father, baby and sister North West.

Of course the internet was quick to give their verdict on the name choice and while the reaction wasn’t as bad as last time around, there were still plenty on twitter giving their opinions. Many had hoped that Kim would chose ‘South’, even after the reality star made it clear that name was not an option.

According to E! News, Saint was chosen because, ‘Kim and Kanye feel the child is truly 'a blessing' in their lives 'because she had such a difficult pregnancy’, a source told the website. But plenty on twitter had other ideas as to why Kim and Kanye chose the name.

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We all know that Kanye likes to refer to himself as ‘Yezzus’ and has even written a song titled ‘I am God’, so it’s no real surprise that he’d give his son a religious themed name. For the meme makers, this them gave plenty of opportunity to depict the couple as Mary and Joseph leaning over the manger with their newborn.

Others were quick to remind Kim that her former husband Reggie Bush played for the New Orleans Saints, which is probably just an unfortunate coincidence. One twitter user turned out to be spookily accurate when his tweet from June resurfaced, which read: ‘Watch kanye name his kid "saint" or some stupid sh**.’

According to the website Babycenter, Saint is the 4733th most popular baby name in the US, have risen from 7214th last year. But Kim and Kanye aren't even the first celebrities to name their baby Saint.

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Fall Out Boy singer Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper named their son Saint Laszlo in August 2014, but that baby-naming was much more low-key. But Kim and Kanye are just lucky they’re not living in New Zealand, as the name would have been rejected by the country’s Department of Internal Affairs.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Saint appears on a list of ‘unacceptable baby names.’ Other names on the list include Messiah, Christ, Bishop, and Lucifer, as the country doesn’t allow any name that implies a title or rank.