Kim Kardashian recently went on a trip to Austria to attend the Vienna Opera Ball.

The 33 year-old was escorted to the event with Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner.

The entrepreneur reportedly paid Kim for her company on the evening, and her fee was believed to be $500,000.

But the night was quickly ruined for the reality TV star due to a rather bizarre incident.

The Kardashian sister apparently stormed out of the lavish Ball after a man, who worked at the event, approached her and pretended to be Kanye West.

The imposter apparently posed as Kim's fiancé by wearing blackface, while she was taking photographs with Lugner, TMZ reports.

Kim tried to walk away from the offensive gentleman but had to stay an extra half hour to honor her contract with the billionaire.

Another ill-mannered moment occurred when a second man asked the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' star for a dance, when Kim said she is a bad dancer, the man rudely asked would she dance if the orchestra played 'N----rs in Vienna,' a reference to West's song 'Ni--as in Paris.'

The gossip site also claims Kim was concerned about the behaviour of the elderly Lugner (81), he was apparently trying to be alone with the TV star and allegedly kept aggressively grabbing her while demanding that she would lose her security.

However, it was the mall-developer who first accused Kim of being a bad date. Mr. Lugner spoke to the local media outside the venue, moaning about the future wife of Kanye West standing him up to film her reality show.

"Kim is annoying me," Lugner told reporters, via Deadline. "Because she's not sticking to the program."

"She's filming and so she doesn't want to have me around," he said. "The guest should be with me and not anywhere else that is not agreed upon."

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A man allegedly pretended to be Kim's fiancé Kanye West