In January this year, Kim Kardashian obviously thought it was important that we took a moment to contemplate what mortality statistics look like, especially when we're discussing gun crime and terrorism. Thus, she ended up Tweeting a set of statistics that have now been named International Stat of the Year.

Kim Kardashian at LACMA Art and Film GalaKim Kardashian at LACMA Art and Film Gala

She gets roasted a lot by the media, but the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star has a very healthy appetite for justice and education. It seems by Tweeting this earlier this year, she incited some of that hunger on to her fans, many of whom were appalled by what they read.

The statistics in question listed the number of Americans killed annually by nine different ways. All were calculated over a ten year average based on different variables but reaped rather alarming results. 

While the government works to come up with more and more ways to prevent killings by Islamic jihadist immigrants and likewise US citizens, as well as far right-wing terrorists, it seems what they should actually be worrying about is lightning, lawnmowers and beds.

Joking aside, the terrorist categories amounted to 16 deaths in total, with miscellaneous fatalities from lightning, lawnmowers, being hit by a bus and falling out of bed adding up to 1,101. It's no surprise, really, that 11,758 deaths averaged out to be caused by guns - with 21 being by armed toddlers (yes, you read that right) and the rest being shootings by other Americans.

'Everyone on the panel was particularly taken by this statistic and its insight into risk', Royal Statistical Society judging panel member Liberty Vittert told the BBC. 'When you consider that this figure was put into the public domain by Kim Kardashian, it becomes even more powerful. It shows anyone, statistician or not, can use statistics to illustrate an important point and illuminate the bigger picture.'

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Additionally, the UK's top statistic was that only 0.1 percent of land area in the country is densely built on. It's a useful piece of information to have next time someone tries to tell you that there's no space in the UK for Syrian refugees.