Kim Kardashian has said that seeing Caitlyn Jenner before her Vanity Fair shoot made her ‘want a boob job’. In a clip from Sunday night’s episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ on E!, Kim reveals that she was with Caitlyn for her Vanity Fair photoshoot and spills on what went on behind the scenes.

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian was behind the scenes at Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair shoot.

"I went to Caitlyn's photo shoot," Kim tells sister Khloe in the clip "She was pretty.” "No way!” Khloe replies. "Like, really pretty,” Kim adds.

Then talking to the camera Kim says, "It was so good to see how comfortable she is in her own skin. I'm so excited to see these pictures and to see the article, just for people to get to know Caitlyn."

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"So like, when you walked in, was he still shooting for the mag?" Khloe asks. 'Her,'" Kim responds, correcting her sister. "I asked the publicist, do I call him 'him' or 'her' or whatever. I'm just going to say 'her.'"

Khloe is then seen discussing the problems she’s had when it comes to which pronouns to use for Caitlyn. "I'm definitely having a harder time with the 'he,' 'she' pronouns. My remembrance of Bruce is a guy, so sometimes when I am referring to her I say 'him,' " she says.

"I'm trying hard to be aware, but Caitlyn always says: 'Don't overthink it, and call me whatever you want. I'm always going to be Bruce, and I'm always going to be Caitlyn.' "

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Kim then dishes more on the cover shoot, saying she was with Caitlyn when she had to change outfits. "So, then I went into the closet and she had to change,” Kim reveals. “She was like: 'You can stay in.' And [she] took of her top and her boobs were like Kourtney’s, like when she first got hers done. Like it made me want a boob job."

"Let's reverse. Let's reverse for one second. She has full implants?” Khloe asks. "A full boob job. Like a C [cup]," Kim confirms. "K. Cool. She is just comfortable enough to take her top off in front of you? Good for her,” Khloe adds. ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ airs Sunday nights on E!.