Kim Kardashian has finally ended it with Kris Humphries once and for all, the two coming to an agreement in their divorce terms and things ending between them on Monday (June 3). Their divorce lasted way longer than their 72-day marriage, but then again don't people say that it's healthy to remain in contact with your ex?

Humphries allowed the divorce proceedings to drag on for as long as it did because he was seeking an annulment, rather than a traditional divorce, form the reality star on the grounds that the marriage was a sham and Kim only tied the knot with him as a publicity stunt (the nerve). This was something that Kim flat out denied as she went for the divorce, saying she only wed him for love, albeit a temporary love that only just made it past the two-month stage. The two got married as part of a two-part E! special in 2011 before splitting up a short while after, and if that isn't love then we don't know what is.

The long-running divorce saga was, like much of her life, one of the main focuses for her reality series and featured heavily in the Keeping Up With The Kardashians spin-off Kourtney and Kim Take New York. The celebrity showed her real feeling when she broke down crying in front of the camera in a scene that wasn't at all staged, in which she admitted to loving Kris deeply but her feelings had changed since their marriage.

Despite the long-running divorce, Kim has kept her love life going (as we all know) and is expecting her first child with rapper Kanye West this July. Last week it was announce (on the latest Kardashians series) that the two are expecting a daughter. Do we hear wedding bells in the distance for Kim and Kanye?

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Kim's ordeal is finally over

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On to the next wedding!