Things are falling into place for Kim Kardashian; she’s finally making progress on her divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries, and hopes to have the situation sorted by the time her baby is born.

Kardashian filed for divorce on Oct. 31, 2011, but Humphries wanted the marriage annulled, saying Kim only married him for the sake of her show. The complications have lead to a drawn out process, which became even more tangled when Kayne West got involved. He and Kim wanted to wed given West’s traditional beliefs and the fact they’re expecting, so a May 6 trial date – set by Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon on Friday – will come as welcome news to the couple. Humphries' lawyer wanted more time so that he could prepare a valid case for annulment, but the judges ruled that he had plenty of time to prepare. The basketball player also attempted to delay proceedings due to his status as an athlete, proposing an end of season trial, but this was also dismissed. Kardashian’s lawyer said her client was ready for trial. “Let’s get this case dispensed with,” attorney Laura Wasser said.

So come May 6th we’ll be in for around 5 days of trial time, presided by Gordon, who, having ruled on the Britney Spears divorce, is no stranger to a high profile case.