It’s a bad day for Celebrity Big Brother star Calum Best as his rumoured fling with Kim Kardashian has been shot down almost immediately before it began. It seems the pair were just classmates in 5th grade instead.

Kim Kardashian WestKim Kardashian has denied a fling with Calum Best

The rumour about the two reality socialites surfaced overnight and became exacerbated by Calum’s official Twitter account that tweeted: "Calum and Kim... sitting in a tree."

According to claims, Kim K, 36, and Calum were introduced via the former’s stepbrother Brody Jenner before she had even met her first husband, Damien Thomas.

Calum BestCalum Best is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house

The Mirror reported a source explaining the romance: "Kim and Calum dated when they were a lot younger - they weren’t in the public eye back then.

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"Calum was close pals with Brody and is still friends with him and Scott Disick today."

However, a spokesperson for Keeping Up With The Kardashians has denied the romance.

The statement said: "The story is false. They never dated however, he was in her 5th grade class."

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Calum is currently in the CBB house where Kim’s former flame, Ray J was until he left last week.

It was with Ray J that the reality star boosted her profile after a sex tape of theirs leaked.

Maybe if it was Calum with a K, the boy might have had a shot.