Instagram is fast becoming the best way to get a get inside the lives of our favourite celebrities, where are they going, what are they wearing and who are they hanging out with? are all questions that Instagram has given us the answer to. Now it seems however much each celeb might be wanting to put their own personal touch on photo sharing, there are a few types of pics that we just can’t escape seeing on our favourite celebrity feeds.

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus Is A Fan of the Selfie

There’s no better place to start than the image of 2013, the selfie. As if the endless stream of photo shoots and paparazzi pics weren't enough for them, celebrities have now resorted taking pictures of themselves to share with the world. Just like with regular people the celebrity selfie comes in all different varieties, but unlike the rest of us, their's get a lot more likes.

There’s the normal selfie, made to look 'oh so spontaneous', when one is just sitting around feeling bored and decides to take a picture of themselves including, of course, full hair and makeup. Then there’s the opposite ,the ‘no make-up selfie’, where stars try to show themselves au natural. This one is usually taken with soft lighting and using good angles so we still feel envious of their hair and skin. Other types include the ‘tmi’ selfie, where nudity and medical info is encouraged. Or the ‘being controversial selfie’ which Rihanna seems to have cornered the market on and also the 'look at my body selfie', favoured by Justin Bieber, this one is best taken post workout or pre hitting the beach. Then we can’t forget the ‘here’s my new look’ picture which can leave us thinking anything from, ‘oh wow’ or ‘is that a wig?!’

One thing that Instagram really helps us remember is that celebrities have jobs (well most of them do) and what better place is there for a photo opportunity than at work? This one is particularly well liked by members of the pop world, but if you’re a true pop superstar like Beyonce you'll need someone else to snap you onstage and then you can upload the pics later. Alongside this there’s also the fad of taking your pictures straight off of google images. This trend has put to end the age old question of do stars Google themselves? Yes of course they do.

Of course, celebrities really are just like the rest of us in, that they have families and pets to show off. Whilst a friend putting up a shot of their little one on Instagram might cause you a brief moment of ‘aww’, a celebrity doing it can make worldwide headlines, think Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy. Those without a mini me have become partial to showing off their four legged companions, Amanda Seyfried’s dog Finn has become so well known he’s got his own twitter account.

Of course there are some instances when celebrities just cant seem to resist making us jealous of their ‘exciting’ lives. Holiday snaps, particularly involving a beech and some very good weather have become a staple, especially since its also a good opportunity to get in a ‘tmi’ or a ‘here’s my body’ selfie. On the other side of that, they can also focus on life's more mundane aspects such as photographing their food or the latest drink fad.

Even with the accessibility that Instagram has given us to the rich and famous, it can’t be forgotten that image is everything with these guys. Therefore it's no surprise that many stars offer us endless snaps of their new clothing, fresh manicures or latest hot accessories. We’re not saying these pics are less than genuine, but its no surprise that some have picked up a pay check for showing off their new favourite scarf.

Finally, a great way for a celebrity to give away a little of themselves on Instagram is by sharing a 'retro' or 'throwback' picture. Maybe it's an old family photo, their high school yearbook picture or simply just an image of the star long before they became famous. These are great for stars to remind us that they really were once just like the rest of us and had bad hair and questionable outfit choices.

So there you have it, no wonder Instagram has been taken over by famous faces, with social media stronger than ever the stars are making sure they’re in complete control of their public image by giving us exactly what we want to see but on their on terms. Now the new fad is to have an ‘insta-assistant’ (thanks Rihanna), so expect celeb insta pics to get even more perfect as each young star steps up their game in our ever over sharing celeb obsessed world.