Sex And The City’ star Kim Cattrall believes that starring in the popular series has ruined her love life. The 58 year old actress was speaking to Standard Issue magazine in a feature interview, and claims that her portrayal of the sex-obsessed character Samantha Jones has negatively influenced what men think about her.

“I haven't had a date in a long time!” the actress exclaimed. “Sometimes I feel that I live in this tower.” The raunchy Samantha Jones character, known for being something of a man-eater, seems to have rubbed off on Cattrall’s real life, like so many roles have for so many actors and actresses before her.

Kim CattrallKim Cattrall

Along with her ex-husband Mark Levinson, Cattrall wrote a sex guide called ‘Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm’ in 2002. In 2005, TV Guide ranked her the eighth ‘Sexiest Star of All Time’. When asked how she met men now, she admitted “usually through friends.”

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She also claimed that the only attention she gets from guys is when married men reckon they can get in their partners’ good books, saying things to her like “I can get a lot of good points with my girlfriend or I can get laid if I have my picture taken with you”.

Despite this, she doesn’t regret taking the role, which she played on the HBO series from 1998 to 2004 and in two smash hit feature films in 2008 and 2010.

When asked about the positive aspects it has had upon her life, she replied “I see it very clearly and concretely that it was a job and a fantastic job but now I get on with my life and they are still stuck with these images that will never really leave their consciousness.”

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