Kim Cattrall has joined the cast of the comedy 'About My Father'.

The 65-year-old actress will team up with Robert De Niro and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco in the film, which is based on the comic's life and his relationship with his father.

In the comedy movie, Maniscalco tells his old-school Italian immigrant father Salvo (De Niro) that he's going to propose to his American girlfriend and his dad insists on crashing a weekend with her parents.

It first appears as though the two families have little in common as their cultures clash, but they are family by the end of the weekend.

Leslie Bibb will play Ellie, the fiancée of Maniscalco's character while Kim has been cast as Tigger, Ellie's powerhouse mother who is also a US Senator.

Laura Terruso is directing the film from a screenplay penned by Maniscalco and Austen Earl.

Nathan Kahane, president of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, previously said: "The way Sebastian talks about his father, Salvo sounds to us like the type of guy who thinks that Robert De Niro should play him in a movie. So we thought, why not?

"Actually, Robert De Niro is incredibly selective about the projects he chooses, so we are thrilled that he responded so strongly to this hilarious and heartfelt screenplay. He'll make a fantastic and funny pairing with Sebastian and we can't wait to start production later this year."

Kim previously revealed that she selects her acting roles based on how "fun" they are.

The 'Sex and the City' star said: "I'm not taking my career now, in my sixties, as seriously as I did in my 30's, my 40s and my 50s.

"I'm kind of making choices on the level of 'Is this something that I'm really going to have fun for a week, or two, three weeks.'

"I'm just about to go back and do a series in the states and one of the criteria was 'Who are the people? Is it going to be fun? Let's do it!'"