Kim Cattrall doesn't find Jamie Dornan sexy.

The 32-year-old actor starred in the much-anticipated '50 Shades of Grey' movie based on the novels by author E.L. James, but Cattrall, 58, has confessed she doesn't understand the appeal, saying he looks like a ''young boy''.

She said: ''Maybe it's my age, but he doesn't look like a man to me.

''He looks like a young boy. I like men to look like men.''

What's more, Cattrall admitted she has no desire to see the movie for herself, because she doesn't find him attractive.

She said: ''I saw the preview and you know they say in three seconds you can tell if you find someone attractive or not? Well, I just thought, 'no'.''

By contrast, Kim confessed to having a crush on 59-year-old actor Brendan Gleeson, who she starred alongside in a theatre production of 'The Tiger's Tail'.

She told Ireland's Independent newspaper: ''Now, if he were Brendan Gleeson - well, there's a little something going on there, you know, the twinkle in the eye...''

The actress, who is best known for her appearances as Samantha Jones in 'Sex and the City', revealed she's disappointed there are no plans for new TV shows or a spin-off movie.

She said: ''Well, Sam is behind me, in the sense that it's over. And whatever speculation there is, there is no script on my desk or anyone else's right now. I miss it sometimes. I feel very nostalgic for it, and the excitement for it.''