Kim Cattrall became a US citizen so she could vote in the upcoming election.

The 'Sex and the City' star - who was born in Liverpool, England, but moved to Canada when she was just three months old, before relocating to New York as a teenager to pursue acting - has revealed she flew to the Big Apple in August for the ''specific reason'' of becoming an America citizen to be able to submit a ballot in the Presidential Election on November 3.

During an appearance on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan' on Monday (21.09.20), Kim said: ''There are 10 questions, and if you get the first six right, you pass.

''But it wasn't an easy test, you have to study.

''So, I passed and then I had to take the oath.

''I was so emotional. I was verklempt. I didn't expect that reaction. The officer who sent me through, she said, 'You know, some people don't take this as seriously and I was really touched at how emotional it was for [you].'''

The 'Filthy Rich' star is back in Vancouver now, where she is quarantining with her partner, Russell Thomas, to be near to her elderly mother Gladys.

She said: ''My mom is actually in a senior's facility.

''So my partner Russ and I wanted to be there with her, just in case there were any issues.''

The 64-year-old actress admitted it was ''pretty scary'' in New York amid the coronavirus pandemic and they were ''lucky to get out''.

She added: ''We left in April and it was a pretty scary time in New York City at that point. We were very happy and lucky to get out.''