Kim Cattrall is preparing to sex up the art world again - she's stripping off for a second time to help keep a classic Renaissance painting in the U.K.
Last year (08), the Sex and the City siren shed her clothes to recreate Titian's Diana and Actaeon in a bid to raise awareness of the British National Gallery's campaign to stop the artwork being sold off to a private foreign bidder.
The sexy reenactment helped boost the £80 million (£50 million) needed to buy the piece on behalf of Britain - and now she's stripping again to keep another Titian work in the country.
Cattrall will pose naked again for a new take on the painter's Diana and Callisto canvas.
The actress, who was born in England, was prompted to help with the cause after the Scottish government refused to pay for the artwork to remain in an Edinburgh gallery.
A rep for Cattrall says, "Kim is committed to do whatever she can to keep the second Titian on public view."