Review of Amplified Album by Killa Kela

Review of Killa Kela's album Amplified

Killa Kela Amplified Album

Killa Kela releases his third album to date 'Amplified' on 100% Records. Kela most known for his legendary beat box skills. He certainly made a name for himself performing with renowned artists such as Prince. Kela sought to develop other vocal skills and develop his sound from his original drum and bass roots. 'Amplified' certainly has a lot of UK influences and shows a Kela sound that is certainly experimental.

We can definitely see the influence of James Rushnet on 'Amplified' the co producer for Prodigy's latest album 'Invaders Must Die'. There's a heavy industrial feel that flows through the album related to street break beats and d & b. Certainly the first two tracks 'Built Like An Amplifier' and 'All Killa No Filla' hit you in the same way that Pendulum do, a live dance band with a heavy sound. Kela vocals are quite interesting rather than the soulful sounds of the past more punk orientated that suits the big sound. Yet it's not always in yer face, there are mellow shades but more in the electro dance sense. 'Everyday' produced by Alex Braxe, French house producer, is a more uplifting break beat house tune. There's a showcase of beatbox skills on 'This One's Dynamite' which is immense and there's some great featured acts like Lateef, Bashy and also the inclusion of another band Hadouken! experimenting in the realms of progressive live dance music.

'Amplified' is OK although it doesn't stand up as an album, rather a cool experimentation of tracks that show some interesting sounds and ideas. It shows originality and a desire to be progressive that has to be respected but after listening to the album I'm left with an appreciation of art but not a feeling of satisfaction.

Tareck Ghoneim

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