Review of Self Titled Album by Kill It Kid

An album review of Kill It Kid's Self Titled release.

Kill It Kid Self Titled Album

I pity the editor today, because yesterday I crashed a motorbike at about 70 mph, rolled down the road for about 20 yards end over end, concussed myself and destroyed a bike in shocking fashion. A disgruntled trip to A+E, a further ambulance ride and some anti-emetics later, I woke up in bed determined to get something productive done today. I've been meaning to get Kill It Kid's self titled reviewed for a little while now, the initial tracks I heard by them impressed with the southern rock meets Elbow jauntiness. Today is the day, for better or worse.

The female vocalist in the band is brilliant, but the male vocalist sounds like he's taken one too many knocks to the head and the record would be tough to get through if it were just him- as much as his voice works over one track, it starts to grate after a while. The album saunters through a few genre styles; jazz, blues, straight-up rock, but all the songs have a smoky feel to them- as much as it's been said before, it's surprising that the band are British. Their mastery of atmosphere carries the album beautifully even if the songsmithery is not top-notch.

It might just be the mildly serious head injury talking, but I really enjoyed this album. Go in with no preconceptions as I did and it might just surprise.

Conrad Hughes