Review of Wake Up The Sleepers Album by Kill Hannah

Review of Kill Hannah's album Wake Up The Sleepers

Kill Hannah Wake Up The Sleepers Album

Having never heard of this band before they turned up neatly packaged on my doorstep, I was apprehensive as I gently placed the CD into the player and listened to it spin up. Greeting me sonically came the Silversun Pickups sounding lead singer making his presence gently felt across the first track, Radio, and I knew that we were onto a winner. Queen-esque key changes and huge, awesome (in the true sense of the word) melodic shifts play across the record and mean that every song has a stunning hook, a part that makes you want to loop it over and over again.

The talent on display here is obvious yet reserved; quiet pinch harmonics pepper tracks such as the Jimmy Eat World at their best Snowblinded and the dancey New York City Speed. Lyrically the band aren't amazing, there's a bit of cheese in tracks like Living In Misery, but it's easily forgivable considering the wealth of brilliance that resonates through the majority of the songs.

In spite of the occasional shortcomings lyrically (listening to Living In Misery really is quite embarrassing), songs like Strobe Lights and especially Mouth To Mouth are actually stunning- it makes you wonder what the other bands in this genre are doing. Listening to Wake Up The Sleepers makes you feel like you've accomplished something with your day and is massively recommended to anyone.


Conrad Hughes

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