For not even having an album out yet, pop singer-songwriter Kiesza is doing pretty well for herself. She just recently collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo on their project Jack U, and gave what was probably the greatest late night TV performance when she was on David Letterman this past July. Oh, and a top five single doesn’t hurt either. All of this is leading up to Kiesza’s debut full-length, Sound of a Woman, out October 21.

Kiesza VMAKiesza is releasing her first album titled Sound of a Woman

The 25 year old Canadian artist is gearing up for her October record with a bunch of new music released already. Back in July, Kiesza dropped her EP, Hideaway, which includes four tracks that’ll be on the full-length, and they were songs that rightfully put her on the map. The title song, ‘Hideaway,’ reached number five in Canada, one in the UK, and 51 in America, while the 90’s house-inspired ‘Giant In My Heart’ was easily the strongest on the effort. What can’t be ignored is Kiesza’s take on the Haddaway classic, ‘What Is Love,’ which was turned from an upbeat dance number into a unique stripped down ballad.

On Sound of a Woman, a new single has already surfaced: ‘No Enemiesz,’ which continues her 90’s house sound. The track is relatively old for Kiesza fans as she’s been performing it live for months now, but in its final studio form, it’s just as powerful as it is when it’s performed on stage. Speaking of the stage, Kiesza just recently made her daytime television debut on Ellen on September 23. She’s got a couple U.S. dates at the end of the month, too, so it’s a safe bet that a nationwide tour will be coming in the months after Sound of a Woman.

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