Kieran Hayler hopes Katie Price's new boyfriend, Carl Woods, is ''here to stay''.

The former stripper hasn't yet met his ex-wife's latest partner but he admitted he hopes for the sake of their kids - Jett, seven, and Bunny, six - that their relationship lasts, because he is keen for them to have stability in their lives.

He said: ''I haven't met him but I look forward to being introduced properly. I don't know him so I can't really comment. It would be great for them to have a stable man on that side - or no man!

''One of the two. Either no man or a long-term man.

''I just want the kids to be happy and I want them to go there and for it to be nice - it can affect the kids with different people in and out of their lives. I'm hoping that Carl is here to stay.''

Katie is currently confined to a wheelchair after breaking both her feet while on holiday with Carl and Kieran - who is engaged to Michelle Pentecost - has vowed to step up and increase his time with their children if that's helpful for the former glamour model.

He said: ''She's going to have to change her way of life completely and rely on so many people now. It's no problem for me to have the children.

''At the moment, we've got them 50/50 but I'm at home and love having them. Me and Michelle love taking them out so if I need to help out I'm more than happy to. I'd rather the kids were with me than a nanny ...

''It's good to be friendly for the kids because it makes life easier. I haven't really spoken to her [about the injury]. She was on holiday when it happened but I'm sure when she comes and picks the kids up I'll get a chance to speak and catch up with her then.''

Kieran, 33, is thankful he's been able to stay close to two of Katie's other children - Junior, 15, and Princess, 13 - and has always been on good terms with their father Peter Andre.

He told new! magazine: ''Me and Pete have spoken and we've always been friendly - we've never been on bad terms.

''I speak to Junior and Princess when I see them and Princess FaceTimes Jett and Bunny on their phones, so I always have a chat with Princess before she speaks to them, which is great.

''I was in their lives for almost six years so I don't want to walk away from that. They're lovely children and I like to think I played a big part in them growing up.''