Kiefer Sutherland fans will have to wait another year to see Jack Bauer on the big-screen, with news that Twentieth Century Fox have pushed the project back until 2013, reports The Wrap.
Production on the highly anticipated movie adaptation was set to begin shooting next month - once Sutherland wraps up work on his new television series Touch - but a dispute over budget and Sutherland's pay in particular have put the project off schedule. An insider close to the movie said, "It didn't work out right now. Everyone is trying to figure out how to do it next year". The plan is reportedly to find a new writer to rework the script, which was originally penned by Billy Ray. Earlier this month, it was reported that Sutherland was furious with Fox over budget and salary issues. During the initial negotiations, Fox offered the actor $1 million to star in the film, rather than the $5 million he wanted. In a second round of talks, the studio doubled their offer, but again the negotiations appear to have stalled.