Kiefer Sutherland has admitted at how nervous he was going into the filming and production of new drama 'Touch,' saying "I'd forgotten what it was like to build the framework of a new show." Sutherland plays a father struggling to bond with his mute son and commented "It's the most exciting part of doing a show, but it's also the most difficult", reports the Press Association.
Sutherland went on to say "The pilot script for Touch was beautiful, but if it isn't fully realised as a series, I'll feel culpable. So there's a kind of panic I had forgotten about since we started 24." He was also hugely complimentary towards his co-star David Mazouz, who plays his mute son, saying "In our scenes, he has to be so disconnected from me - doesn't speak, can't be touched, doesn't look at me. But I feel something that radiates off of him. I just do."