Kiefer Sutherland returns to screens on Thursday evening (March 22, 2012) in the new thriller 'Touch', which he says he fell in love with after receiving the script. Since finishing '24', the 45-year-old actor has made a couple of movies as well as starring in a Broadway play, though he says Touch got his juices flowing again.
On reading the script for the pilot episode, Sutherland told the Chicago Sun-Times, "I was halfway through it and I remember thinking, Oh no.I was falling in love with it. By the time I finished, I knew I would be very disappointed with myself if I found myself on the couch . just watching the show as opposed to being a part of it". The actor had been on a whirlwind tour of the globe in recent weeks to publicize the global launch of the show, which premieres in more than 100 countries this week. The science fiction drama boasts clear international appeal with a multi-cultural cast, scenes set in foreign cities and a thrilling premise. Essentially, the show is based on the fact that people around the world are intrinsically linked to one another and that their lives intersect.