Kiefer Sutherland is praying his adopted daughter MICHELLE KATH gives birth to a son next month (FEB05) because he's sick of being surrounded by women.

The 24 star will become a granddad at 38 when Kath, 28, welcomes her new baby into the world - and even she doesn't know exactly what sex the child will be.

Sutherland says, "I've got two daughters, a female dog. I'm surrounded by women. I think a boy is overdue."

The actor admits he was partly responsible for bringing Kath and the father of her unborn child, Scottish actor Adam Sinclair, together - when he barred them from meeting on the set of TO END ALL WARS in 2001.

He reveals, "He's a good-looking kid. We shot on Hawaii and all the girls on the island loved him. He was the one guy that I went up to and said, 'My daughters are coming over in a week. I really like you, but stay away from my daughters.'"

Sutherland felt sure his co-star was heeding his plea until he received a drunken phonecall later that year, in which Sinclair revealed his love for Kath.

The terrified Scot later met up with Sutherland in Los Angeles and asked for Kath's hand in marriage over dinner. The two were wed in Edinburgh, Scotland, last year (04).

31/01/2005 02:33