Animal rights activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have gone hog wild after reading Kid Rock's new Rolling Stone magazine interview - because it starts off with a boar kill on his estate in Alabama.

Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, takes journalist Patrick Doyle to a pen on his land, where he has caught three elusive hogs, and shoots two. His girlfriend, Audrey, kills the third.

In his write-up, Doyle describes the moment his host "points the pistol between one of the sow's eyes" and shoots after saying, "Bye".

The journalist recalls, "It collapses and writhes on the ground, running in place on its side for several seconds, its hooves rattling the cage... The other pigs go silent. One rubs its snout on the dead sow."

Rock says, "His a** is done", as he hands a rifle to his girlfriend, who kills a second boar - and he shoots another.

The host later holds a party in his barn and shows the "video of the hog execution on his Apple Tv".

Attempting to explain his interview subject's act, writer Doyle adds, "Because hogs are a non-native species with high reproductive rates, hunters are encouraged to kill them year-round."

However, the explanation does not sit well with Peta officials, who have taken aim at Kid Rock for killing the hogs.

A spokesperson for the organisation tells Wenn, "Anyone who does such a thing is psychopathically cruel. There are no words to describe the sort of human being who deliberately chooses to bully, frighten, and harm those who are in his power. Bullies are always desperate to prove they aren't the pathetic, soulless individuals they know themselves to be. We pity his (Kid Rock's) children."