We've seen celebrities turn successfully to politics before - not least the current US President - but who would have thought Kid Rock would be next on the list? Apparently, the rocker is trying to run for Senate, representing his home state of Michigan in 2018. 

Kid Rock performing in Las VegasKid Rock performing in Las Vegas

The 46-year-old - whose real name is Robert Ritchie - confirmed that a recent website that has appeared on the net, called Kid Rock For Senate, is 100% genuine. There's little else in the way of information regarding this surprising career move, but watch this space.

'I have had a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real', he said on Twitter yesterday (July 12th 2017). 'The answer is an absolute YES.'

He followed that up with another post reading: 'Stay tuned, I will have a major announcement in the near future.'

Whatever we can expect from Kid Rock's campaign, we know that it will be on the side of the Republican Party. He's long been an outspoken supporter of the Party, endorsing the likes of Mitt Romney, Ben Carson and Donald Trump in their Presidential campaigns.

The website in question is pretty basic at the moment, though throws up several slogans for Kid Rock's run including, 'In Rock We Trust', 'I'll Rock The Party', 'Pimp Of The Nation', 'You Never Met A Politician Quite Like Me' and 'Get In The Senate And Try To Help Someone'. There's also a link to the merchandise that's on sale so far which are T-shirts, caps, yard signs and bumper stickers.

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Probably the most amusing bit of the website is the headline: 'Are You Scared?' Well, yes, actually. After the success of Donald Trump into the Presidency it looks like the US government could literally go anywhere. And we're scared by how not surprised we are with each celebrity that announces their political ambitions. Who's next?