The All Summer Long hitmaker regularly uses the symbol on stage, but he has been asked to drop it from his act after Dylann Roof, the suspect accused of gunning down nine people in a South Carolina church in June (15), was pictured posing with the flag.

Members of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network (NAN) event staged a protest outside a Kid Rock museum exhibition in the rocker's native Detriot, but their actions have failed to deter the rocker.

Kid Rock sent a statement to America's Fox News and the anchor read it aloud, altering the curse word, saying, "Please tell the people protesting to kiss my... ask me some questions", instead of the intended "kiss my a**".

The news comes as the Confederate flag was permanently removed from outside the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, a move which has been applauded by U.S. President Barack Obama and stars including Kerry Washington, Sara Bareilles, Kathy Griffin, Chely Wright and Patty Duke.