The All Summer Long hitmaker played in the city on 23 July (15) when his vocal cords were not in top condition and he subsequently had to postpone shows in St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois over the weekend (25-26Jul15), putting them back until September (15).

He has now apologised to fans on his website, writing, "Sitting here typing this beyond p**sed off and disappointed. I have NEVER had to cancel shows. This absolutely sucks. I know people have made plans, took time off, got babysitters, took road trips and planned events around these shows. My voice is simply gone right now. I should not have pushed myself to get through the Dallas show because all I did was more damage - But there was no way I could stand on stage, feeling great - just not having a voice - and tell 20,000 people the show was not gonna happen. We made some last minute adjustments, my band stepped up and we got through it, but I am paying the price now.

"The steroids are gonna take a few days to really work and the only real cure for a strained voice is rest. I am not one to apologise too often, but this is one time that is beyond deserving of one - So to the people who were planning to attend the shows in St. Louis and Chicago, I am sorry I can not entertain you this weekend to my full potential."

The rocker is scheduled to return to the stage in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on Thursday (30Jul15).