Controversial American star Kid Rock threw some more fuel into his supposed run for the Senate by launching into a wide-ranging political tirade during a concert in Michigan.

The 46 year old was performing in Grand Rapids on Wednesday night (September 6th) and paused the show to deliver a speech that eventually referenced his headline-grabbing statement two months ago that he was considering running for Senate against Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow – though he hasn’t officially entered the race yet.

According to TMZ, Kid Rock referenced the NFL star Colin Kaepernick, who has been refusing to stand for the national anthem as a protest against oppression of people of colour in America, and the Black Lives Matter movement in his tirade.

Kid RockKid Rock has grabbed headlines recently with his proposed Senate run

“If you wanna take a knee or sit during our ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ call me a racist ’cause I’m not [politically correct], and think you have to remind me that Black Lives Matter.”

He continued, this time addressing white supremacists and urging them to stop causing trouble, “Nazis, f***in’ bigots, and now again the KKK — I say screw all you assholes. Stay the f*** away!”

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Kid Rock then spoke about Jesus and Christianity giving people the strength to fight, before talking about his much-vaunted run for the Senate – hinting that he might even take things one step further.

“Like it or not, Hillary Clinton lost and your president is Donald mother****ing Trump. And if Kid Rock for Senate has got folks in disarray, wait ’till they hear Kid Rock for president of the USA,” he preened.

Rock’s actions over the last few months have been controversial, with the Detroit branch of the National Action Network (a civil rights pressure group) calling for the cancellation of his upcoming shows in the city because of his criticism of Kaepernick and for the continued use of the Confederate flag in his shows and general branding.

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