This years Billboard Awards were very eventful indeed; trouble is (for the big wigs at Billboard at least), it was a memorable event for all the wrong reasons. One of the stand-out events of the night had to be Kid Rock's very tongue-in-cheek shout out to all the lip syncing artists in the audience.

As the rocker took to the stage to present an award, he first welcomed himself to the stage by asking the audience for "a shout out for all the artists lip-syncing over pre-recorded music," to which the crowd gave a hearty cheer in return. This may not be as cringe-worthy funny as Miguel's mishap or Bieber's treatment by his peers for asking to be "taken seriously," but still, it's a pretty ballsy move on Rock's behalf. The outburst didn't really sour things though, as the rocker moved swiftly on to reading out the nominees.

Kid Rock
Kid Rock caused quite a stir

The awards show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday (May 19) saw more than it's fair share of unscripted nonsense in addition to Rock's outburst and Justin Bieber being booed off stage by the audience after picking up his third award of the night and telling the audience he should be "respected" more. R&B singer Miguel really took home the award for the most outlandish mishap of the night, as singer was performing his track 'Adorn' when he attempted to jump across a small number of dancing fans in front of the stage, only to land his feet right in the face of two fans!

Other than that though, the annual awards show went pretty much without any more problems. Other than Madonna's outfit of course.

Warning: Poor Quality

Madge picked up three awards on the night.

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